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Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular and favourite deities in the Hindu pantheon. Ganesha is worshipped all across India and is also known as Vighnaharta or the remover of all obstacles. 

Interesting Stories about Lord Ganesha

There are many interesting stories and anecdotes about Lord Ganesha. Here is a peek into the two of most famous stories:

How Ganesha got his head? The story goes that Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha’s mother, has made a boy idol out of turmeric and breathed life into it. Her husband, Lord Shiva was unaware of this. So, when Ganesha refused Lord Shiva entry into his own house because Goddess Parvati was bathing, Lord Shiva, out of sheer anger, beheaded him. So, Lord Brahma had to step in to replace Ganesha’s head as the elephant was the first animal that Brahma saw, he gave Ganesha an elephant’s head. All the Eco Ganesha Idols show the elephant head and half-tusk.

Why is the mouse his vehicle? Rodents are known to destroy crops, thereby causing great harm to farmers in ancient times when agriculture was the only mode of sustenance. Ganesha is known for being the destroyer of obstacles. In taking the mouse as his vehicle, Ganesha is said to have got a mastery over this mouse thereby saving the farmers and the food supply.

There are more interesting stories about Lord Ganesha that are told to devotees during Ganesh Chaturthi. Make sure to buy eco Ganesha idols on this occasion.

108 Names of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha - Aaradhya Ganpati

Ganesha is primarily known as Vignahartha, but he has one hundred and eight other names, each signifying a unique meaning:

  • Vinayakaya – Blessed among all
  • Vighnarajaya – Remover of obstacles
  • Gauriputraya – Son of Goddess Gauri
  • Ganesvaraya – Blessed leader of all Ganas
  • Skandagrajaya – The elder brother of Skanda 
  • Avyayaya – Symbol of stability
  • Sarvasiddhipradaya – Grants all occult powers
  • Dakshaya – One who is expert
  • Adhyakshaya – One who presides
  • Dvijapriyaya – One who likes the twice born
  • Agnigarbhachide – Having fire in the belly
  • Indrasripradaya – One who granted wealth to Indra
  • Vanipradaya – Gives voice
  • Avyayaya – Never change
  • Putaya – One who shines
  • Sarvajnanayaya – Knows everything
  • Sarvaripriyaya – Liked by everyone
  • Sarvatmakaya – The soul of everyone
  • Chandaya – One who is fierce
  • Devaya – One who is God
  • Kamine – One who desires
  • Sivaya – One who is Lord Shiva himself
  • Suddhaya – One who is cleanliness
  • Buddhipriyaya – One who likes knowledge
  • Santaya – One who is Saint
  • Brahmacharine Naamaha – One who is a Brahmachari
  • Gajananaya – One who killed Gajamukhasura
  • Dvaimatreyaya – One who is double
  • Munistutyaya – One who is worshipped by sages
  • Kalaya – One who is a crescent
  • Ekadantaya – One who has only one tusk
  • Chaturbahave – One who has four different aspects
  • Chaturaya – One who is clever
  • Saktisamyutaya – One who is with power
  • Lambodaraya – One who has a broad paunch
  • Surpakarnaya – One who has winnow like ears
  • Haraye – One who is Hara (Shiva)
  • Brahmaviduttamaya – One who is an expert in the knowledge of Brahma
  • Bhaktavighnavinasanaya – One who removes obstacles in path of devotion
  • Grahapataye – One who is chief of planets
  • Anekarchitaya – One who is worshipped by many
  • Sasuryagnilochanaya – One who has Sun
  • Pasankusadharaya – One who holds one rope and one god
  • Srushtikatre – One who creates
  • Gunatitaya – One who is as bright as Sun
  • Niranjanaya – One who is spotless and pure
  • Akalmashaya – One who does not have any stain
  • Svayamsiddhaya – One who has become a Sidhha himself
  • Siddharchitapadambujay – One whose feet is worshipped by saints
  • Bijapuraphalasaktaya – One who likes to get results of Bhija
  • Kalikalmashanasanaya – One who destroys the ills of Kaliyug
  • Agranye – He who is the first
  • Krutine – One who performs
  • Ajaya – One who is not born
  • Vitabhayaya – One who is never afraid
  • Gadine – One who is our ultimate goal
  • Chakrine – One who is Lord Vishnu
  • Ikshuchapadhrite – One who holds the bow of sugarcane
  • Sridaya – One who blesses with wealth
  • Dvijapriyaya – One who likes to be twice born
  • Utpalakaraya – One who holds lotus in his hand
  • Sripataye – One who is the lord of wealth
  • Stutiharshitaya – One who is happy with prayers
  • Kuladribhettre – One who broke the mountain
  • Jatilaya – One who is an ascetic
  • Varadaya – One who gives boons
  • Chandrachudamanaye – One who wears the Crescent
  • Kantaya – One who is very pleasing
  • Papaharine – One who cures sins
  • Samahitaya – One who has an affable personality
  • Asritaya – One who protects
  • Srikaraya – One who does good deeds
  • Saumyaya – One who is very peaceful
  • Bhaktavanchitadayakaya – One who fulfils the desire of devotees
  • Kaivalyasukhadaya – One who grants the pleasure of salvation
  • Santaya – One who is calm
  • Vidhaye – One who is learned
  • Jnanine – One who is wise
  • Dayayutaya – One who is merciful
  • Dantaya – One who has a tusk
  • Ramarchitaya – One who is in the mind of Rama
  • Pramatta daityabhayadaya – One who is fearful to Asuras
  • Srikanthaya – One who is the glorious light
  • Vibhudesvaraya – One who is the God of all divine beings
  • Sachidanandavigrahaya – One who is the personification
  • Brahmadveshavivarjitaya – One who abandoned enmity to Lord Brahma
  • Nagarajayajnopavitavate – He who wears snake as sacred thread
  • Sthulakanthaya – He has a very huge body
  • Svayamkartre – He who is made by himself
  • Dhiraya – He who is brave
  • Sthulatundaya – He who has a big tusk
  • Parasmai – He who is beyond everything
  • Sasvataya – One who is perennial
  • Durvabilvapriyaya – One who likes Bilwa leaves and Durva grass
  • Samaghoshapriyaya – He who likes the singing of Samya veda
  • Siddhidayakaya – One who makes things happen and removes obstacles
  • Vagisaya – He who is the God of words
  • Avyaktamurtaye – One who does not have a clear form
  • Adbhutamurtimate – One who has a wonderful form
  • Mayine – Having an illusory form
  • Mushikavahanaya – One who rides on the mouse
  • Hrushtaya – One who is always content
  • Tushtaya  One who is never dissatisfied
  • Samastajagadadharayai – Carrying the universe
  • Sarvassiddhipradayakaya – One who gives all powers
  • Sailendratanujotsanga Khelanotsukamanasaya – One who gets happy playing with the Lord of the Mountains
  • Svalavanyasudhasarajita Manmathavigrahaya – God of love with the sweetness of nectar
  • Prasannatmane – One who has a very pleasant personality

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