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Ganesh Chaturthi is amongst the most sportingly celebrated festivals of India. People start planning the celebrations of the month ahead. Friends and families come together to pray, share sweets, dance to the music, and have food together. It is that time of the year when people enjoy the festivities at their peak and involve themselves in religious activities. Sadly, some Ganesha idols end up polluting the environment. With that, people are now looking forward to choosing eco friendly Ganesh murti that will not pollute the environment by any means. This is the only alternative left before them to make an effort to save the environment. 

Understanding Eco Friendly Ganesh Idols 

Eco friendly Ganesha idols are the ones made of paper, clay, natural fibres, and biodegradable materials. Upon the immersion of eco friendly Ganesha idols in water, these idols degrade faster while not harming the surrounding environment to the extent that the idols of POP (Plaster of Paris) do. Although the idols made of Plaster of Paris are cheap, one cannot deny the fact that an eco friendlyGanesh murti is far better and probably the best alternative to save the environment while celebrating the festival. Moreover, the benefits of these eco friendlyGanesha idols are far-fetched. 

Benefits of using Eco FriendlyGanesha 

The foremost benefit that the eco friendly Ganesha offers is that they do not pollute natural water sources. While POP does not easily degrade in water leading to water pollution, the eco friendly idols do not harm the environment. POP kills the living organisms in the water by increasing the acid content of water. The lives surviving in the natural water sources form an essential part of the ecosystem. Eco friendly Ganesh idols do not impact aquatic life because the natural materials degrade easily in water without causing harm. 

Another significant benefit of using eco friendly Ganesha idols is that the materials used in their making do not affect the environment. While people use POP idols, they must also be aware of the fact that POP contains chemicals. Moreover, the dyes used in the decoration of idols contain poisonous elements in minor quantities. The water contaminates when people immerse POP idols in water bodies and result in heavy metal poisoning. If you ingest water containing heavy metals, you will suffer the consequences with major effects on your body systems. An eco friendlyGanesh murti saves you from all the ill-effects of POP idols and you remain in sound health.

Eco friendly Ganesh Murtis for Maghi Ganesh Chaturthi 

There are a lot of ways by which you can have eco friendly Ganesh idols for your home. Either you can make one, or buy from the market. 

  • Making clay Ganesha idol – You can opt for making an eco friendly Ganesha idol with clay at your home. This would also help to bring your family together for a fun-filled activity. You and your family members can divide the work amongst yourselves and create a clay Ganesha idol of your own that will not harm the environment. You can decorate the idol according to your wish to make it look at its best. For painting the idol, you can buy non-toxic colours from the market and apply colour when the clay of the idol dries off. This would be a great beginning for the celebration of the elephant-god festival where you have your homemade Ganpati murti. 
  • Chocolate Ganpati – What better combination to welcome your lord than with an idol made up something that everyone likes, i.e. chocolate. Chocolate idols are a great innovative way to welcome the elephant God which is gaining immense popularity among the masses in recent times. Well, this is not it, the best part of this idol that one makes from chocolate is that one can immerse this idol in milk when the time comes to bid adieu to Lord Ganesha and the chocolate melts to give great chocolate milk which is everything that one can ever ask for during the time of the Ganesh Utsav.
  • Soil and Seeds – The concept of planting the Ganesha is becoming quite a popular and eco friendly option in recent times. The idea behind this is simple, after the Ganesh Utsav, you plant the idol which consists of seeds and then you can preserve Lord Ganesha’s idol with you at your home for your entire life in the form of a plant. You get to nurture it and preserve it for as long as you can so that the auspiciousness of Lord Ganesha’s presence remains with you throughout the year for several years and his blessings on you continue to grow with the plant.


Thus, for anyone who has the sense and heart to welcome Lord Ganesha without deteriorating the environment in any possible way, there are many options that one can choose from according to one’s interest, liking, convenience, and faith which is precisely everything that one can ask for.

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