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Ganesh Chaturthi is the festival celebrated all across India for worshipping Lord Ganesha. And various types of Ganesha idols are available at the market at that time. But now more and more people are focusing on getting eco friendly Ganesha idols instead of the popularly available ones, which cause harm to the water bodies when immersed in water. But eco friendly Ganesh idols are usually made of mud/organic soil, paper, husk leaves, or some other biodegradable materials, and natural colours, so these are friendlier for the environment. And when these idols are immersed in water, they quickly dissolve without causing water pollution. Besides, these can also be immersed at homes in tubs or buckets of water.

Considering the demands, more and more companies are offering eco friendly Ganesh idols that are free from artificial colours and chemicals. You can choose any of these companies if you are looking for ‘eco friendly Ganesha buy online‘. But if you are unaware of this concept, then you must learn some reasons to choose eco friendly Ganesh idols are always the best option.

  • These idols protect our health:

One of the major reasons for considering eco friendly Ganesha idol is that it is good for our health. Plaster of Paris or PoP and other harmful colours that include lead, cadmium, carbon, mercury, and arsenic can cause some serious health issues. But eco friendly idols are mainly made of organic soil, mainly red soil and organic colour, which do not pollute the water. As a result, these do not cause food poison and some other water-borne diseases. Besides, PoP idols are made of different chemicals like phosphorus, magnesium, sulphur, and gypsum that cause digestive, nervous, and circulatory disorders in the users.

  • These idols can save water resources:

As mentioned above, we Indians end up the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi by immersing the idol in water. Plaster of Paris idols takes more time to dissolve in water. So, it increases the acidity level in the water. Besides, PoP is a biodegradable material and therefore it contaminates water by killing marine life and expanding all the corrosive substances in water. But eco friendly idols are degradable and therefore these hurt no living creatures.

  • These idols are easy to make:

The Plaster of Paris made Ganesh idols are made of sculptors. But eco friendly Ganesh idols are made of red soil, which you can easily make at your home. Besides, it will also spread more congruity and satisfaction in the family members. And the best thing is that you can use almost anything and everything of your preference like clay, papier mache, Atta, and turmeric for making and colouring the idol. So, if you want to save cost on eco friendly Ganesha buy online, then make the idol at home with your family members.

  • These idols are not made of fake glitters and diamonds:

Usually, POP idols include many metals and sparkles that are harmful to people. These things cause rashes and allergies and some other health issues like damage to the eyes and lungs because of the presence of chemicals. But you can avoid all these issues by buying eco friendly Ganesha online.

  • These idols are easily available:

Eco friendly idols are made of soil, which is easily accessible for anyone. As now more and more people are supporting the environment, these idols are now widely available at the markets. Some of these idols also come with plant seeds inside, which help the users to conserve nature by going green.

  • These idols can be immersed at home and the clay and water can be reused:

Another reason for considering eco friendly Ganesh idols is that you can easily immerse those at home. So, there is no need to look for some water bodies for immersion and there is no need to spend hours in traffic to reach the water body. And after immersion, you can reuse the clay and water for gardening or for making toys for kids. 

List of Eco Friendly Ganesha Idol available on

At Eco Ganesha, you will find a wide range of eco friendly traditional Ganesha idols that include categories like Shadu Clay Idols and Red Soil Ganesh Murti. You can even shortlist these idols depending on the rates, sizes, and style. Some popular options that you can consider are:-

Through their offering of eco friendly Ganesha idols, this company promotes eco friendly behaviour that adds devotional and spiritual value to the pooja and offerings. Besides, these idols significantly reduce the pollution level in soil and water. All these idols that you would get here can easily dissolve in water without causing pollution. So, choosing these idols would help you take a step towards a greener future.

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